“PZA” Politiezone Antwerpen


  • Produce an employer branding film that connects to with the existing “ANDERS” campaign


  • An employer branding film with attitude to attract potential police officers
  • A 3.5 min. version that focuses on the different approaches and the diverse jobs undertaken by the Antwerp Police Department
  • A shorter (1 minute) up-tempo social media version
  • Dutch & English language version
Short version
Long version
Short version


  • KINEPOLIS cinemas
  • VRT (boodschap van algemeen nut)
  • Social media campaign
  • PZA YouTube channel
  • PZA job fairs
  • Presentation for foreign police departments
  • Website

Production secrets

  • Night shoots are exhausting but they're worth it
  • Police officers are cool 
  • The actor that plays the suspect with the “slipknot” sweater is actually a police officer
  • The food in the “cantine” is really good
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Other projects for


  • A content based testimonial film which gives a look behind the scenes of the probation section of PZA and is aimed at new and potential police officers
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