C.RO Ports – Ports of Pirates


  • Organize a family day event for the C.RO Ports employees


  • “Ports of Pirates”, an unforgettable pirate adventure
  • About 400 children and 350 parents 
  • Delicious pirate food & drinks 
  • A treasure hunt accompanied by 20 pirates in every age category
  • An after movie (a must watch if you want a good impression of the event)
  • A pirate show, with professional actors
  • Pirate sceneries
  • Impressive bouncy castles “pirate style”

Short version


  • Event
  • Save the date film
  • Print Invite

Production secrets

  • We spent 5 days preparing the site: securing the site with containers, building decors, rehearsals, etc.
  • Nearly every child was dressed up as a pirate
  • The actors staged a play for the children, plus there was also an adult version where the pirates started singing “schlagers”
  • Even the golden coins where customized with the C.RO logo

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