De Langhe Advocaten


  • Produce a corporate image film that creates brand awareness.


  • A “not so typical” corporate image film
  • Winner of the Golden Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV festival
  • Winner of the award for best corporate image film at the Belgian Corporate Video Festival
Short version


  • Kanaal Z
  • Social media campaign
  • Company events
  • Articles (in response to Golden Dolphin award) in numerous newspapers and professional literature)
  • Trade fairs
  • Website

Production secrets

  • The fog in the opening shot is real fog
  • Our 50 actors and extra’s had to run down the hill 72 times
  • The togas are real
  • Filmed in February: only 11 degrees (respect to cast, crew and the De Langhe Attorneys)
  • We used a really high-tech techno dolly crane
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Other projects for

De Langhe Advocaten

  • Brand restyling
  • Design & development for the new website
  • Save the date invitation film
  • Consultancy
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