• Produce a corporate image film that shows that BST is an important player in the circular economy


  • A “touching’ corporate image film with an emotional story based on animation/live action content marketing
  • Winner of the award for animation/live action at the Belgian corporate filmfestival in Brussels Kinepolis
Short version


  • Corporate events
  • Social media (employer branding films)
  • Job fairs
  • Website

Production secrets

  • It is very hard to find a solitary bench
  • The bench is made of recycled material 
  • The animations look like drawings, yet they are actually 3D custom made models

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Other projects for

Belgian Scrap Terminal

  • Defining the corporate identity: consultancy and copywriting of mission statement, values & vision 
  • Rebranding
  • Photography
  • 5 employer branding films based on different job functions
  • New employees are shown the film to get acquainted to the company
  • Corporate event
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