Australian Home Made Ice Cream


  • Produce a film about Fred’s, the new international brand of Australian Home Made Ice Cream, aimed at investors, shopping centres and potential franchisers, to explain how Fred’s operates, the company’s values and the importance of fresh natural ingredients for producing quality homemade ice cream


  • A tasty, colourful journey in an animated/live action combo
  • An explainer image video produced for a very specific target audience
  • Fresh and creative storytelling
  • Long version and shorter social media version
Short version
Long version
Social media campaign


  • Client/investor/franchiser meetings
  • Website

Production secrets

  • 360° photos helped us to re-create the exact light conditions of the live scenes into the animations: light, reflections, shadows, … It’s all there
  • The production crew enjoyed a lot of delicious ice cream… & waffles
  • The Director’s favourite flavour: Amarena
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Other projects for


  • A social media film: promotion of 30 years Australian Home Made Ice Cream
  • A derivative film for Fred’s: Les secrets des Fred’s
  • Various mood-cuts for the website

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